3 things to consider when switching to a digital lead management tool

Manage the information overload

There is tons of information out there. A simple google search will give you multiple hits, which is wonderful, but it can be daunting – how do you pick the right one?

  • Be specific in your search – make sure you include the most important features, when searching for your solution. e.g. “digital lead management tool with CRM integration”.

  • Make a list of the most important features you need for your business.

  • Consider your budget before you gather offers, so you know what your limitations might be. This ensures that you do not waste time on solutions that are too expensive.

Prepare a succesful implementation

No matter how great a product is, it will not create any value for your business unless it is fully implemented in the daily processes. Imagine buying a great van with automatic transmission for a delivery service company, where the employees only knows how to drive automatic transmission – the van will not be used even though it is state of the art – a strategy to overcome this issue might be investing in education of the employees to make sure they know how to drive with manual transmission.

If you are planning to make the lead registration at exhibitions more efficient, a digital lead management tool like the LeadApp might be the right solution for you – just make sure, that your sales force is prepared and educated in the new way of registrering leads, so the full potential of the solution will be realized.
It is important to get a demonstration of the potential solution you are investing in, so you get a feel of the usability. Also make sure to arrange a kick-off event before your first exhibition, where you plan to use your new solution. At the kick-off event your salesforce should be familiarized with the solution and test the functionality, to plant the seeds for your success when in the field.

Even though your salesforce might know how to use the solution, they might not have the right incentives to actually use it in practice. Therefore you should make sure to inform them about the benefits and reasons for the implementation. Change management can be a difficult discipline, but it is worth spending time practicing in an ever changing world. We recommend looking into Kotter’s 8 step change model since it is simple to understand and execute.
We at LeadAppPro are very happy to assist you with the implementation and of course offer free demonstrations – no strings attached!

Explore your options

There might be a whole lot of options that potentially will suit your needs. Do not hesitate to explore more of them. Most companies offer free demos or trial periods and if they don´t your alarm bells should possibly ring. Some of the issues you might be concerned with are:

  • How is the customer service? (is it outsourced?)

  • How is the service or product developed? (is the development outsources?)

  • How easy is it to get the information and help you need?

  • Do I trust the company and my contact within the company?

  • Are the prices competitive?

No matter what solution you decide to go with, you need to make sure, that you chose, what is right for you. You should be comfortable making the decision with no urge to look back.

We wish you and your business all the best.