CRM integration

How lovely would it be if...

All your collected leads were automatically synced with your CRM?

Use our Lead App to collect leads at an exhibition or on the go. Export the data to Excel or integrate the Lead App with your CRM system.

Contact us and we will help you set it up.

We support most CRM systems out there, so feel free to ask if we support yours.

Not using a CRM? 

CRMs systems are important tools to keep track of your contacts and categorise leads. As your business and network grow, keeping track of deals, contacts, and activities in your pipeline becomes a bigger task. Some CRMs, however, become quite complicated as more diverse information is fed into them.

An integration between the Lead App and a CRM system allows your salespeople to access all leads from either the Lead App or the CRM, and the customisable questionnaire and interface make sure they’re never bombarded with information they don’t need.

Make sure your sales people have the tools they need to maximise productivity. Sign up for a CMS and integrate it with the Lead App.