Here are 4 ways to improve your succes rate at exhibitions

People visiting a trade exhibition

Exhibitions are great for you and you business!

We all know the power of exhibitions. Here you have the opportunity to meet a lot of potential customers. To get a post Covid19 insight regarding the value of exhibitions and where it is important to improve your efforts to succeed, we have visited exhibitions, here is what we learned:


Being efficient is key. Focus your sales efforts in the key points that matters to your business and your customers.

Follow up on the go

Do not let your customers wait for your follow up. Make sure to organise your leads in a way where you easily can follow up and set up the next steps in your sales process.


To make the meeting with you more engaging, consider implementing gamification in your presentation to the customers.


You might sell "off-the-shelf" products or services, but make sure the customer feels special by having sales materials ready for different industries.


Have you heard about KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)?

 Keeping you pitches simple is key. You will meet many people at an exhibition – make sure you spend enough time on. The most important things; listening! The good old saying that sales is about listening to customers is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. The attention span of people in the time of social media is decreasing, but talking about themselves will never be out fashioned!

So how can you improve the actual pitch?

Would you ask a person to marry you on the first date? We tend to make decisions based on emotions, not logic – do not try and sell yourself before your customers can relate to your cause. Simon Sinek´s golden circle framework is a great and simple way to organise the information you deliver in your pitches. Here is the questions you could ask:

  • Why do we do, what we do?
  • How do we relieve customer pains?
  • What is the product specifications?
Again remember that the important thing is to listen to you customer so you can focus on helping them with their challenges.


Follw up - on the go!

Make sure to follow up on your leads. They might talk with more competitors right away. Giving your leads the right sales material on the go will make them remember you. 

With the LeadApp you can easily scan business cards and sychronize them directly with your CRM system – You can also use the scanner offline and synchronize when you get online again. This feature helps you making the leads ready for the following sales process. But a qualified lead is more valuable, so you can set up qualifying questions so your leads can be filtered by quality right away. 

No matter how you organise your leads make sure that you are ready to send follow up mails, that fits your customers. The right information to the right people at the right time is the core of marketing. With the LeadApp you can organize and set up mails and different sales materials so you can send the right  information the customer needs at once.

This also adds to your efficiency and gives the lead a feeling that you are well organised and proactive.


It should not be a surprise, that you should stand out to make a lasting impression. There is a lot of ways to make your company stand out in the visitors eyes.  Make sure that your initiatives is thought out according to your target segment. One initiative that has gained some traction is gamification. Giving your visitors a gamified interaction with your company can, if done right, be a very rewarding initiative for both parts. 

Examples we have experienced at exhibitions for your inspiration:

  • VR/AR/Web3 or meta-verse technology to help your customers emerge themselves into a world, where your product helps them solve their challenges.
  • Roleplay a setting, where your customer can experience the scope of your product or service
  • Quizzes or lotteries
In general people expect to have an interactive experience when visiting trade exhibition – you have to try and make sure that the experience is very different from what you could experience in an online setting. 


Think about how you can make your customers experience personalised from meeting to farewell and follow up. As discussed above if you are efficient in your pitch, the prospect can easily figure out if there is a product match – if not, that is perfectly fine, you just saved time you can spend on potential buying customers – having a good list of qualifying questions you can then make sure you know where to spend your time – also you are letting the prospect talk (about themselves) which is always great. We tend to be more likely to buy from companies we have invested time in. Listening to your customers we also make sure you have an idea about what marketing or sales material you want them to bring with them.

Remember, that the LeadApp can help you by having a ready list of qualifying questions as well as a ready library of follow up e-mails that you can sent right away, that matches your customers prospects. The personalisation and quick reply will impress even the most stubborn people and give them a feeling that your company is efficient and forward thinking.

And no serving a great coffee or boost does not hurt. 😄

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